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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 18:
April 25–May 1

“My Presence Shall Go with Thee”
Exodus 24; 31–34

Illustration of Jehovah appearing to Moses and 70 elders of Israel, by Jerry Harston

Not every meaningful principle in the scriptures can be highlighted in these outlines. Listen to the Spirit to help you focus on the truths you need.

Exodus 24: Israel accepts the word of the Lord by covenant—Moses sprinkles the blood of the covenant—He, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel see God—The Lord calls Moses on to the mount to receive the tables of stone and commandments.

Exodus 31: Artisans are inspired in building and furnishing the tabernacle—Israel is commanded to keep the Lord’s Sabbaths—The death penalty is decreed for Sabbath desecration—Moses receives the stone tablets.

Exodus 32: Aaron makes a golden calf, which Israel worships—Moses serves as a mediator between God and rebellious Israel—Moses breaks the tablets of stone—The Levites slay about 3,000 rebels—Moses pleads and intercedes for the people.

Exodus 33: The Lord promises to be with Israel and drive out the people of the land—The tabernacle of the congregation is moved away from the camp—The Lord speaks to Moses face to face in the tabernacle—Later, Moses sees the glory of God but not His face.

Exodus 34: Moses hews new tables of stone—He goes up into Mount Sinai for forty days—The Lord proclaims His name and attributes and reveals His law—He makes another covenant with Israel—The skin of Moses’ face shines, and he wears a veil.

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