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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 28:
July 4–10

“There Is a Prophet in Israel”
2 Kings 2–7

Illustration of Elisha showing his servant the chariots of fire, © Review & Herald Publishing/licensed from

As you read the scriptures, the Holy Ghost may bring to your attention certain phrases or passages. Consider writing down why those passages are meaningful to you.

2 Kings 2: Elisha and the prophets know that Elijah is to be translated—Elijah divides the waters of the Jordan and is taken up into heaven in a whirlwind—The mantle of Elijah falls on Elisha, who also divides the waters of the Jordan—Elisha heals the waters of Jericho—Youths are torn by bears for mocking Elisha.

2 Kings 3: Jehoram of Israel and Jehoshaphat of Judah join forces against Moab—Elisha promises them water for their animals and victory in the war—The Moabites are defeated.

2 Kings 4: Elisha multiplies the widow’s oil—He promises a son to a Shunammite woman—The child dies and is raised to life by Elisha—He makes the poisonous food harmless—Bread and grain are multiplied for the people to eat.

2 Kings 5: Naaman, the Syrian, comes to Elisha to be healed of leprosy—He rejects the prophet’s instruction at first but relents and dips himself in the Jordan seven times; he is healed—Elisha refuses to accept a reward—Gehazi accepts a gift from Naaman and is cursed with leprosy.

2 Kings 6: Elisha causes an ax to float—He reveals to the king how to conduct a war with Syria—Horses and chariots of fire protect Elisha—The Syrians are smitten with blindness—Benhadad besieges Samaria, and foodstuff sells for a great price.

2 Kings 7: Elisha prophesies incredible plenty in Samaria—The Syrian hosts flee at a noise of battle and leave their possessions—Israel takes spoil from the Syrians.

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