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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 47:
November 14–20

“Seek the Lord, and Ye Shall Live”
Amos; Obadiah

Bread of Life, by Chris Young

The Holy Ghost can open your mind and heart to messages in the word of God that are meant just for you. What do you feel the Lord wants you to learn this week?

Amos 1: Amos shows the Lord’s judgments upon Syria, the Philistines, Tyre, Edom, and Ammon.

Amos 2: The Lord will pour out judgments upon Moab, Judah, and Israel for their unrighteousness.

Amos 3: The Lord reveals His secrets unto His servants the prophets—Because Israel rejects the prophets and follows evil, the nation is overwhelmed by an adversary.

Amos 4: The Lord withholds rain, sends famine and pestilence, and destroys gardens and vineyards as judgments upon His people, yet they do not return unto the Lord.

Amos 5: The people of Israel are exhorted to seek the Lord and do good so that they may live—Their sacrifices to false gods are abhorrent.

Amos 6: Woe to them who are at ease in Zion—Israel will be plagued with desolation.

Amos 7: Amos relates how he was called of God to be a prophet—He prophesies the captivity of Israel.

Amos 8: Amos prophesies the downfall of Israel—There will be a famine of hearing the word of the Lord.

Amos 9: Israel will be sifted among all nations—In the last days, the people of Israel will be gathered again into their own land, and it will become productive.

Obadiah : Obadiah prophesies the downfall of Edom—Saviors will stand upon Mount Zion.

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