Gregory L. Smith’s Review of “Mormon Stories”

[Page **no page**]Because certain people on the Internet have started posting and discussing extracts of Gregory L. Smith’s review of Mormon Stories without his permission, we have decided to post the article now, a bit ahead of schedule. It is in its final stage of editing, and still has to undergo a final proofreading and correlation of footnotes. This will be completed in the next few days, after which these files will be updated with the final version.

The first article, Gregory L. Smith, “Dubious ‘Mormon’ Stories,” is the review originally prepared for inclusion in the Mormon Studies Review in the spring of 2012.

The second article, “The Return of the Unread Review,” is Greg Smith’s careful analysis of the course of events surrounding John Dehlin, and the ‘Dehlin Affair.’

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About Gregory L. Smith

Gregory L. Smith studied research physiology and English at the University of Alberta but escaped into medical school before earning his bachelor’s degree. He was an associate editor of the Mormon Studies Review at BYU’s Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship from 2011–2012. He works as a rural family doctor providing cradle-to-grave care.

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