Stephen T. Whitlock

About Stephen T. Whitlock

Stephen T. Whitlock was the chief strategist for Boeing IT Information Security in Seattle, Washington, until his recent retirement. With more than twenty-five years of research in information security and cryptography, Whitlock has provided strategic input to numerous global agencies, and has served on writing committees for the Intelligence and National Security Association, Internet Security Alliance, and Enduring Security Framework Activity. He has served as industry lead for the Defense Information Base’s Technology and Architecture Working Group. He also served on the Jericho Forum Board of Management and co chaired the Open Group Security Forum. Steve has served in a variety of Church callings, including teaching early morning seminary for 12 years. He has an interest in the scriptures and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Steve has a master’s degree in software engineering from Seattle University. He and his wife Diane currently live in Lindon, Utah.