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The Interpreter Radio Show

The Interpreter Foundation is excited to announce its weekly radio show, live, each Sunday evening 7-9 PM (MST):

[Newly expanded to two hours: 7 – 9 PM (MDT)]

The Interpreter Radio Show

K-Talk Media & Radio Studios
Listen live on the radio at:  AM 1640
Listen live on the Internet at:
Call in live with your questions & comments at: (801) 254-1640

The Interpreter Radio Show is a fast-paced show broadcast dedicated to defending the faith by providing timely and scholarly information to listeners.

Listeners will hear about:

  • Apologetics and defending the faith
  • The Interpreter Foundation, its purpose and endeavors
  • Interpreter website information
  • Other organizations that defend the faith including

Book of Mormon Central and FairMormon

  • Accurate information about Church history and doctrine
  • Dialogue and respond to questions from listeners
  • Have guests who are experts on timely topics
  • Important and controversial LDS related issues, such as:

Church policy on gender
LDS history questions
Book of Abraham
Book of Mormon issues; DNA, historicity, etc.

  • Succession in the Church and age of LDS General Authorities.

The Interpreter Radio Show is responsive to listeners.  Call in and bring up topics, ask questions and suggest future guests.

Please join us, beginning this Sunday, January 14th at 7 PM (MST)!



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