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Audio Roundtable:
Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 9B
"He Taught Them as One Having Authority"

This is an Interpreter Radio (audio) Roundtable for Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 9, “He Taught Them as One Having Authority,” covering Matthew chapters 6 and 7. Panelists for this roundtable were Steve Densley, Craig Foster and Matthew Bowen. This roundtable was extracted from the February 24, 2019 broadcast of Interpreter Radio. The complete show may be heard at

The Interpreter Radio Show is a weekly discussion of matters of interest to the hosts, guests, and callers of the show. The views expressed on the Interpreter Radio Show are those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Interpreter Foundation, nor should statements made on the show be construed as official doctrinal statements of the Church.


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