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Come, Follow Me — D&C Study and Teaching Helps
Lesson 23, May 31–June 6
D&C 60–62 — “All Flesh Is in Mine Hand”

D&C 60:1-15 “With Some I Am Not Well Pleased”

These revelations give us insights into the Lord’s workings with His children:

  • A number of brethren had been called to travel from Ohio to Missouri, in preparation for the gathering to Zion (see D&C 52:3, 7-8, 22-32). Many were also told to “preach by the way” (D&C 52:10, 22-23, 25-27; see also 60:7-8). But then, in D&C 60:2-3 the Lord said that He was “not well pleased” with some, because they had not opened their mouths to preach (see also 61:3). He warns that “if they are not more faithful,” He will take away “that which they have” (He doesn’t specify what this refers to). Are there times when you could be censured for not opening your mouth to share what you know and feel?
  • Some of the men were to travel by water, so the Lord instructs them to make or to buy a craft (boat), “as seemeth you good, it mattereth not unto me” (60:5; see also 61:22; 62:5). Sometimes the Lord is very specific with us, but other times He just leaves things up to our own wisdom. (However, see D&C 62:8 regarding what we must add to our wisdom: “judgment and the directions of the Spirit.”)
  • In 60:10-11 the Lord instructs Bishop Partridge to give some of the donated money to help some of those who are returning to Ohio. Interestingly, the Lord said, “impart of the money which I have given him.” That which we contribute to the Lord’s church is considered to be “His” (actually, everything is His; see D&C 104:13-14).
  • The Lord then directs Himself to those who are yet to travel from Ohio to Missouri, telling them not to “bury thy talent” (60:13), similar to saying that some had hidden “the talent which I have given them” (60:2). As we consider Jesus’s parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30, we realize that in our day “talent” (which was actually a coin in New Testament times) can refer to more than our abilities. Again, the Lord expects us to share our knowledge and testimonies of the restored gospel.
  • The Lord instructed these early Saints to “shake off the dust” of their feet “against those who receive thee not” (60:15). This was to be a testimony before the Lord of their rejection; however, in our day the missionaries are instructed not to carry out this practice.

D&C 61:8-10, 33-39; 62:9 “I Am In Your Midst”

What principles and promises do you find in these verses that can be applied to any calling or assignment we may have in life or in the Church?

D&C 62:3 “Ye Are Blessed”

This verse contains one of the Lord’s most precious promises to us, and it further strengthens His call in Sections 60 and 61 for us to be more determined to share what we know and feel. The Lord plainly states that when we bear our testimonies, four blessings come:

  1. It is recorded in heaven.
  2. Angels look upon the heavenly record of the testimonies we bear.
  3. These angels rejoice over us.
  4. The Lord forgives our sins.

The first three promises are sweet to ponder, and the last one—regarding the forgiveness of our sins—is a simple yet powerful demonstration of the Lord’s mercy toward us. The uncomplicated act of bearing testimony prompts His forgiveness (see also D&C 84:61).

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve said, “My experience throughout the Church leads me to worry that too many of our members’ testimonies linger on ‘I am thankful’ and ‘I love,’ and too few are able to say with humble and sincere clarity, ‘I know.’ As a result, our meetings sometimes lack the testimony-rich, spiritual underpinnings that stir the soul and have meaningful, positive impact on the lives of all those who hear them. Our testimony meetings need to be more centered on the Savior, the doctrines of the gospel, the blessings of the Restoration, and the teachings of the scriptures. We need to replace stories, travelogues, and lectures with pure testimonies….

“Brothers and Sisters, join together with the missionaries in sharing your precious testimony every day, witnessing at every opportunity the glorious message of the Restoration. The fire of your testimony is all that you need in order to introduce the gospel to many more of our Father’s children. Trust in the Lord and never underestimate the impact your testimony can have upon the lives of others as you bear it with the power of the Spirit.” (Ensign, Nov. 2004, pp. 41, 43.)

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