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Come, Follow Me — Study and Teaching Helps
Lesson 40, October 12-18
3 Nephi 20-26 — “Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

3 Nephi 20:8-9 To Be Filled

Mormon tells us that after partaking of the sacrament, the people “were filled with the Spirit” (verse 9). What does it mean to you when Jesus also says that our souls “shall never hunger nor thirst, but shall be filled”? (verse 8).

3 Nephi 20 The Lord’s Cross-dispensational Work

This chapter can be a little difficult for students of the Book of Mormon. Use the chapter heading as a help, and also look for key words that describe the work of the Father and the Son, such as covenant, house of Israel, gentiles, Jerusalem, and Zion. As we saw in Jacob 5, the Lord is intimately involved in providing His children every opportunity to come unto Him, grow in spirit, and participate in His work. How do you see yourself in the latter-day work of blessing “all the kindreds of the earth”? (verse 25).

3 Nephi 21 The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon Prompts the Latter-day Gathering

Again, the chapter heading provides help, identifying the following:

  • “Israel will be gathered when the Book of Mormon comes forth” (see verses 1, 7-10; also, note the prophecy in verse 10 regarding the Prophet Joseph Smith).
  • “The Gentiles will be established as a free people in America” (see verses 2-6; in this case, gentile—which can have various meanings—appears to refer to non-Jews).
  • “They [the gentiles] will be saved if they believe and obey [see verse 22]; otherwise they will be cut off and destroyed” (see verses 11-21).
  • “Israel will build the New Jerusalem” (see verses 23-25; the New Jerusalem—to be built by those of the house of Israel—will be in Independence, Missouri; see D&C 45:66; 57:1-3).
  • “The lost tribes will return” (see verse 26; regarding the “ten lost tribes of Israel,” see 2 Nephi 29:12-14; 3 Nephi 17:4; D&C 110:1; 133:26-34).

In verses 27-29 Jesus prophesied of the work going forth among all nations, “with the Father to prepare the way whereby they may come unto me” (verse 27). Again—as in chapter 20—the Lord outlines the scope of His work of salvation, throughout time and across the world.

3 Nephi 22 More Regarding His Latter-day Work

Still in the context of His work in the last dispensation, the Savior (quoting Isaiah) highlights numerous promises made to His people and His church in the last days. Identify the Lord’s promises (verses 1, 3, 7-8, 10, 13-15, 17). Find also the different names or titles for Christ (verses 1, 5-6, 8). Note how the Lord works with His children, with mercy (verses 7-8, 10); kindness (verses 8, 10); and peace (verses 10, 13).

3 Nephi 24-25 “The Words Which the Father Had Given Unto Malachi”

  • What is your answer to the Lord’s question in 24:2?
  • According to 24:5, who does not survive the destruction at Jesus’s second coming?
  • In 24:7 the Lord invites those who have “gone away” to return to Him, and to begin by paying “tithes and offerings” (verse 8). Why do you think not paying tithing is like robbing God?
  • Make a list of the promises the Lord makes to those who faithfully pay tithes and offerings (24:10-12).
  • How does the Lord reply to those who claim there is no “profit” in following Him? (24:13-18; 25:1-2; see also D&C 59:23; 76:68).
  • To be left with “neither root nor branch” (25:1) has been interpreted to mean there will be no eternal connection to ancestors nor descendants (see Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Christ and the New Covenant: The Messianic Message of the Book of Mormon, pp. 297–298).
  • How will the Second Coming be both “great” and “dreadful”? (25:5).
  • As prophesied in 25:5-6, Elijah conferred priesthood keys—including the sealing key by which couples and families are bound together for eternity—upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (see D&C 110:13-15).
  • The importance of the restoration of the sealing key is highlighted by the fact that 25:5-6 are found in all our standard works (see Malachi 4:5-6; 3 Nephi 25:5-6; D&C 2:1-3; and Joseph Smith—History 1:38-39; see also D&C 110:13-16).
  • Without the key to seal on earth and in heaven, the earth would indeed be smitten with a curse (25:6), for there would be no temple sealings and no eternal families.

3 Nephi 26 The End of Day Two

Jesus ended His second day among the people with more wondrous teachings, blessings, and miracles:

  • “He did expound all things unto them, both great and small … even from the beginning until the time that he should come in his glory—yea, even all things which should come upon the face of the earth … even unto the great and last day” (verses 1, 3-4; see also 3 Nephi 23:6, 14; 24:1).
  • Mormon wrote, “there cannot be written in this book even a hundredth part of the things which Jesus did truly teach” (verse 6).
  • Mormon also stated that those who receive in faith these teachings of Jesus shall be given “greater things” (verses 8-11).
  • Jesus “loosed” the tongues of children, who then spoke “great and marvelous things, even greater than he had revealed” (verse 14; see also the next day’s same miracle upon “babes” in verse 16).
  • As He did for others in chapter 17, the Savior healed all their sick, lame, blind, and deaf; bringing about “all manner of cures” and even raising a man from the dead (verse 15).
  • Note the glorious results among the people, which came as they followed the teachings of Jesus (verses 17-21).

How do these events and teachings of 2,000 years ago apply to you and your daily life? We may envy those who witnessed and participated in all these remarkable events, especially being in the very presence of the Son of God. Yet we are privileged to live in a day when His prophets walk the earth, His teachings reach us almost daily and often instantaneously (through social media), and His church and kingdom are spreading throughout the world. More than any time in history, we are blessed to hear Him and feel His presence, influence, blessings, and miracles. And, we have much to look forward to, including the day when we too will find ourselves with Him, hear His voice, and feel His touch.

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