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Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 16:
April 20–26

“A Mighty Change”
Mosiah 4-6

As you read and ponder Mosiah 4–6, pay attention to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. What good things are you inspired to do? (see Mosiah 5:2).

Mosiah 4: King Benjamin continues his address—Salvation comes because of the Atonement—Believe in God to be saved—Retain a remission of your sins through faithfulness—Impart of your substance to the poor—Do all things in wisdom and order. About 124 B.C.

Mosiah 5: The Saints become the sons and daughters of Christ through faith—They are then called by the name of Christ—King Benjamin exhorts them to be steadfast and immovable in good works. About 124 B.C.

Mosiah 6: King Benjamin records the names of the people and appoints priests to teach them—Mosiah reigns as a righteous king. About 124–121 B.C.

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