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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 42:
October 10–16

“Before I Formed Thee in the Belly I Knew Thee”
Jeremiah 1–3; 7; 16–18; 20

Jeremiah, by Walter Rane

Elder David A. Bednar said: “One of the ways I hear [the Lord] is in the scriptures. The scriptures are the prerecorded voice of the Lord” (“‘Hear Him’ in Your Heart and in Your Mind,”

Jeremiah 1: Jeremiah was foreordained to be a prophet unto the nations—He is called as a mortal to declare the word of the Lord.

Jeremiah 2: The people of Judah forsook the Lord, the fountain of living waters—They worshipped idols and rejected the prophets.

Jeremiah 3: Israel and Judah defiled and polluted the land through wickedness—In the last days, the Lord will gather the people of Israel, one from a city and two from a family, and bring them to Zion.

Jeremiah 7: If the people of Judah repent, they will be preserved—The temple has become a den of robbers—The Lord rejects that generation of the people of Judah for their idolatries—They offer their children as sacrifices.

Jeremiah 16: The utter ruin of Judah is foreseen—Israel is rejected and scattered for serving false gods—Fishers and hunters will gather Israel again, and the people will serve the Lord—The gospel is to be restored.

Jeremiah 17: The captivity of Judah comes because of sin and forsaking the Lord—Hallow the Sabbath day; doing so will save the people; otherwise they will be destroyed.

Jeremiah 18: Israel is as potter’s clay in the hands of the Lord—If nations repent, the Lord withholds the evil decreed against them—The people of Judah will be scattered.

Jeremiah 20: Jeremiah is smitten and put in the stocks—He prophesies that all Judah will be taken captive by Babylon.

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