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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 43:
October 17–23

“I Will Turn Their Mourning into Joy”
Jeremiah 30–33; 36; Lamentations 1; 3

The Cry of Jeremiah the Prophet, from an engraving by the Nazarene School

As you record your impressions, think about how the principles in Jeremiah and Lamentations relate to other things you have learned in the Old Testament.

Jeremiah 30: In the last days, Judah and Israel will be gathered to their own lands—David, their king (the Messiah), will reign over them.

Jeremiah 31: In the last days, Israel will be gathered—The Lord declares that Ephraim has the birthright as the firstborn—The Lord will make a new covenant with Israel, to be inscribed in the heart—Then all Israel will know the Lord.

Jeremiah 32: Jeremiah is imprisoned by Zedekiah—The prophet purchases land to symbolize the return of Israel to their land—The Lord will gather Israel and make an everlasting covenant with them.

Jeremiah 33: Judah and Israel will be gathered—The Branch of Righteousness (the Messiah) is promised—The Seed of David (the Messiah) will reign forever.

Jeremiah 36: Baruch writes the prophecies of Jeremiah and reads them in the house of the Lord—Jehoiakim, the king, burns the book, and judgment comes upon him—Jeremiah dictates the prophecies again and adds many more.

Lamentations 1: Jeremiah laments the miserable condition of Jerusalem—Jerusalem herself complains of her deep sorrow.

Lamentations 3: Jeremiah, speaking for Judah, laments the calamity but trusts in the Lord and prays for deliverance.

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