There are 5 thoughts on “Race: Always Complicated, Never Simple”.

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  2. Interesting article, but you may be interested to know that there has been at least one black general authority, Helvécio Martins of the second quorum of seventy.

    • There are two black general authorities currently serving; Elder Dube and Elder Sitati. Both of them are from the continent of Africa. My point was that there have been no African-American general authorities. African-Americans view this issue differently than those of other countries.

  3. Well said, Brother Tarik. The notion of retrenchment brings to mind the doubling down that has been done with the importantance of good works in the Church aiming to defend our ordinances. Unfortunately, these efforts came with the unintended consequence of neglecting the doctrine of grace.

    The ease for which we double down on our errors ought to give us pause. In these moments, we are not agents unto ourselves, but we allow ourselves to be acted upon.

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