There are 8 thoughts on ““Somebody Wrote It:” The Book of Mormon’s Missionary Message to a 21st-Century World”.

  1. I was intrigued by Nathan Oman’s previous article entailing what words we needed to learn in order to present our message to this new modern world. I do believe that Jim Bennett (alongside his father) has come up with probably the single most important phrase in that new lexicon. The weird thing is, it’s already an olden time phrase, but I still believe he’s right, and that phrase is: “The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ.”

    We have something here that just doesn’t fit easily into the narrative of other Christian religions. We must utilize it more effectively lest we fail the divine commission to do so.

  2. Ohhhhhh, thank you so much for this article!! Changes in the way we think and the questions we ask, going from one generation to the next, can be incredibly profound and incredibly easy to miss at the same time. This article is _SPOT ON_ and nails down exactly what our approach should be in sharing the Gospel with today’s young people.

  3. Oh, thank you for this wonderful article! I thoroughly enjoyed the read. The part I enjoyed the most concerned your father. I know that was not your point but I already have a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon. What I don’t have and never will have is a father like yours. I so envy you!

  4. The invitation seems obvious. Read the book on it own terms.

    Marvel at the narrative power and the doctrinal purity. Sincerely ask God about it. Read it from cover to cover, thrilling at the testimonies of so many prophets and apostles. Learn what Jesus Christ has done to make your life spiritually fulfilling. Witness His appearance in the New World.

    Treasure these things up and ponder them in your mind. Experience the mighty change of heart. Become a new person through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Seek charity as the highest expression of human longing. Find lasting joy in the merciful plan of the Great Creator.

    And so on.

  5. Well said! Thank you for this, and for your CES Letter response. I loved reading that when it came out and appreciate the efforts you have taken with it. Plus you have a witty way of writing that makes it fun to read.

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