There are 3 thoughts on “A Note on Chiasmus in Abraham 3:22-23”.

  1. Great work Julie!

    I think it’s interesting to note that the “noble and great ones” God refers to as “souls,” while standing among and speaking to those that were “spirits.”

    Given that section 88 defined the “spirit and body” as the soul of man in 1833, well before the Abraham translation, this is either sloppy word usage by Joseph Smith (unlikely) or there is more here than we might first consider.

    What a fascinating passage! Thank you for shedding more light on it!

  2. Fascinating. Back to chaismus in the Book of Mormon, in 1999 I found that the active and passive verbs in Alma 36 form a perfect chaism according to the original voice of the verb in the Book of Mormon (some verbs in the published outlines of this chaism are in active voice when they are in passive voice in the Book of Mormon, and vice versa.) Sections of the chapter where Alma acts are primarily in active voice; sections where he is acted upon are primarily in passive voice. I keep thinking I need to write this up and publish it, but somehow never do it. I searched the Book of Mormon for other active/passive chaisms, but found only one, as I remember.

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