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  1. The automatic writing theory for the dictation of the Book of Mormon seems to have room in it for the orthodox explanation of translation by “the gift and power of God”, but with one important hang up: the official three, eight, and several other unofficial witnesses of the actual plates. The Interpreter Foundation’s film project “Witnesses” performs an important function in this regard. I recall that even Ann Taves, who attempted a non-miraculous explanation for the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, had to admit that there were real plates based on the preponderance and repetition of witness testimony. Of course, she had to conclude that these plates were of recent manufacture, but this created another problem in that there is no historical evidence of Joseph Smith making or having made anything like them.

    I had a question about the Chinese medium that was able to speak a dialect that had not been spoken for centuries. How could the expert know that the correct spoken ancient intonation was applied if the language had not been spoken for centuries (before the advent of audio recording devices)?

  2. Hi Brant,

    I thoroughly enjoyed and I appreciate your review. I haven’t read Rees’s book, but you have convinced me to do so.

    Near the beginning of your review you wrote, “Personally, I have found that questions, and even hard questions, can lead to an enriched understanding of the Book of Mormon.”

    This caused me to wonder if over time you may have altered your strong opinion on Book of Mormon geography?


    • Theodore,
      No, over time my understanding of the geographic and cultural background to the Book of Mormon has only become stronger.

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