There are 2 thoughts on “Nephi’s Change of Heart”.

  1. Thank you very much for this essay, which I listened to intently as I drove to the Washington DC temple last Saturday morning.
    It expanded greatly on the simplistic theory I had been working on identifying “early Nephi” with Fowler Stage 3 and “late Nephi” with Fowler Stage 5 (and perhaps 6). The Psalm of Nephi (2 Nephi 5) may represent the only thing written during Fowler Stage 4, perhaps helping him get beyond that stage.
    I will be studying this essay for some time.

  2. I was, I admit, a bit annoyed by this essay was launched. But as I got into it, I was charmed. Dennis Newton’s essay is learned, subtle, aware of the relevant literature and insightful in his approach to the text he is reading. I must now put aside for a while my own endeavors and spend some real effort with what Dennis has written.
    I also wish Dennis and his wife the very best on his forthcoming missionary assignment in a wonderful part of the world.

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