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Conference Talks:
“That They May Be Purified in Me”:
Ritual Purification in 3 Nephi 19 and the Implications of Holiness
as “Purity” for Latter-day Saint Temple Ordinances and Worship

Matthew L. Bowen

Using a close reading of 3 Nephi 19, I will examine the interrelated and additive nature of each of the rituals in their temple context as described in 3 Nephi 19, culminating in Jesus’s high priestly intercessory prayer and discuss Mormon’s possible authorial intent in his presentation of these rituals. I will further explore the relationship of ritual purification and sanctification in the Hebrew Bible (and elsewhere in scripture) and the previous lexicography of q-d-š. I will compare the high priestly prayers of Jesus in John 17 and 3 Nephi 19, and analyze the results of Jesus’s prayer in 3 Nephi 19 on the worshipers at the temple in Bountiful. Lastly, I will explain the aforementioned implications q-d-š—sanctification and holiness—as a state of divine belonging (cf. qdš lyhwh = “a state of divine belonging to the Lord”) for ordinances and temple worship and our identity as “Latter-day Saints.”

Presented at: 2020 Temple on Mount Zion Conference
Saturday, November 7, 2020
Conference Proceedings: The Temple: Past, Present and Future at




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