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The Power of Godliness with Jonathan Stapley



The Interview:Just one day before Jonathan Stapley was awarded the best book award for The Power of Godliness by the Mormon History Association, I visited with him about the history and development of core ideas essential to current Mormon identity such as priesthood, authority, and ordinances.

We also discussed how priesthood power relates to temple practice and what Jonathan refers to as the ordering of heaven.
His volume is an academic history of Mormonism, and as such it’s intent is to understand and analyze the past and contextualize and historicize the present.

In this episode, Jonathan Stapley shares his perspective on Latter-day Saint liturgy in theory and practice.

About Our Guest:Jonathan Stapley is an award winning historian and scientist. Oxford University Press recently published his volume, The Power of Godliness. Jonathan received his Ph.D. from Purdue University and has been active in the field of Mormon History for over a decade. You can read some of his publications here. He writes for the academic history Juvenile Instructor blog, and at By Common Consent, a Mormon blog. He is also the Chief Technology Officer for a bio-renewables company.

This podcast is cross-posted with permission of LDS Perspectives Podcast.

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