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Announcing the Second Temple on Mount Zion Conference

The Second Temple on Mount Zion Conference in Memory of Matthew B. Brown, will be held at BYU on Saturday, October 25 (location to be determined).

The current lineup of presenters includes Daniel Peterson, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Ann Madsen, Don Parry, Matt Bowen, Shon Hopkin, John Thompson, and Stephen Ricks.

The topics of presentations include:

“The Book of the Dead as a Temple Text and its Implications for the Book of Abraham” (by Stephen Smoot)

“What Did Joseph Smith Know about the LDS Endowment by 1836?” (Jeffrey Bradshaw)

“The Temple in the Gospel of John” (by John Thompson)

“The Day of Atonement, the Mosaic Temple; and the Christian Sacrament of Communion: Links and Symbols” (by Shon Hopkin)

” ‘I Have Done according to my Will’: Reading Jacob 5 as a Temple Text” (by Matt Bowen);

“Prayer with Uplifted Hands” (Stephen Ricks)

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