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FairMormon Podcast: Mormon Women Stand – Defending Prophetic Authority

This podcast interviews Kathryn Skaggs and Angela Fallentine, the co-founders of the Mormon Women Stand Website and Mormon Women Stand Facebook page.

They discuss what it means to be a voice on the internet, more specifically a female voice on the internet and the opportunities that effort has in sustaining Church leaders and furthering church dialogue online.

Questions addressed in the interview: In what ways does attending this conference help you in your efforts as a voice online in defense of the gospel and the church.

You have a combined effort that you co-founded, Mormon Women Stand. Was this a response to something in particular, the ground up inspiration to add your voice to the discourse online?

How and why is MWS different? (how many people involved and what is your audience?)

Who is the intended audience of your work with MWS?

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