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iTunes Podcasts, Kindle Edition, and NOOK eBooks of Interpreter

One of our goals at Interpreter is to make the journal as widely and freely available as possible, using the latest technologies. Interpreter‘s General Editor, Daniel C. Peterson, noted in his 2012 FAIR Conference address, “Published online, it will be available in various ways, including print on demand, and will represent something far more sophisticated, technologically speaking, than we have yet seen in the field of Mormon studies.” We will explain some of these technologies below. 

iTunes Podcasts

For those readers who have Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad, we provide direct iTunes podcast feeds with which you can subscribe to Interpreter. You can subscribe on your computer within the iTunes software, and then sync the downloads to your devices. Or, you can subscribe directly on your device, by searching for “Interpreter” in the Podcasts app. If you search in the iTunes app, you will only be able to download individual “episodes” (papers) to your device.

We provide podcasts of our publications in three formats – audio (mp3), PDF, and ePub.  The audio format will play from your Podcasts app as well as in the Music app. The PDF format will open in your Safari browser (from which you can then “Open in iBooks”). The ePub format will be stored on your bookshelf within the iBooks app. You can download individual episodes (papers), or subscribe to have them automatically download to your devices as soon as they become available, per your settings in the Podcasts app.

Below are the links to Interpreter‘s iTunes podcasts, available free of charge:

Kindle Edition

Interpreter is also now available for subscription on Amazon’s Kindle devices through the Kindle Store. On Amazon’s website, or on your Kindle, you may search for “Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture,” to reach the subscription, or click here. By subscribing, new publications from the journal will be transfered automatically to your Kindle device wirelessly over Amazon Whispernet as soon as they become available. Note that there is a charge that Amazon imposes for these subscriptions, which is currently $0.99 per month. Unfortunately we cannot offer the subscription on Kindle for free, but you do receive a 14-day free trial. If you would like to read on your Kindle device for free, you may download the Kindle (.mobi) file format directly from the right-hand sidebar of the individual papers (right-click the Kindle button and choose “Save as…”), and then copy the files manually to your device via USB cable.

NOOK eBooks

Last but not least, Interpreter publications are also available on NOOK devices as eBooks from Barnes & Noble’s NOOK bookstore. We are unable to provide a subscription service for the NOOK at this time, but each publication is available separately as an eBook (such as David Bokovoy’s inaugural article, or Mark Alan Wright and Brant A. Gardner’s second article). You can click on the “NOOK” button on the right-hand side of each article to see the available NOOK eBook for that publication, or you can search the NOOK bookstore for “Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture” to find our publications. You will be able to download these publications wirelessly and directly to your NOOK after purchase. Similar to Amazon, the minimal we are allowed to charge for these papers is $0.99 per eBook. If you would like to read our publications on your NOOK for free, you may download the ePub file format, similarly as noted above, and copy it to your NOOK via USB cable.

All of the available subscription options and file format options are explained in detail on our Stay Informed pages of the Interpreter website.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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