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Reading Interpreter on your Kindle

The Amazon Kindle device, in all its various models, is one of the most popular electronic e-book readers today. Millions of Kindles have been sold worldwide, and some estimates place the number at about two-thirds of all e-readers sold. Needless to say, the Kindle is a popular reading platform, and Interpreter wants to support its readers who own these devices, so they can read its publications in the way they are most comfortable. 

To that end, Interpreter offers three different methods for reading its publications on the Amazon Kindle. These will be explained briefly here. They are also detailed on the Stay Informed pages.

  1. MOBI format (free, difficult) – The most inexpensive, indeed free, way to read Interpreteron your Kindle is to download the MOBI file format from the right-hand sidebar of the article you are interested in reading and load it on your device. This method is also the most difficult of the three. You can click on the MOBI button, and download the .mobi file to your computer. Once on your computer, you can connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable. Open your Finder or Windows Explorer. You should see a new device for your Kindle appear, and inside that device there is a /documents folder. Copy the .mobi file into that folder. You’re done. Now when you go to the Docs section on your Kindle, you should see the article available for reading. Another way to transfer the .mobi file to your device is wirelessly through the Kindle Personal Documents Service, but that is beyond the scope of this article (note, there may be fees associated with that type of transferring).
  2. Kindle Blogs ($0.99/month, intermediate) – Interpreter is available as a subscription from Kindle Blogs. These are are websites that you can subscribe to on your Kindle, which auto-deliver their content wirelessly to your device, and are updated throughout the day so you can stay current. The minimum we are allowed to charge for this service is $0.99 per month. Your subscription starts with a 14-day free trial. You can cancel at any time during the free trial period. If you enjoy your subscription, do nothing and it will automatically continue at the regular monthly price. You can access Interpreter directly on your Kindle device by going to “Kindle Blogs” and searching for “Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.” You may also subscribe on your computer by visiting our Kindle Blogs page here, and clicking on the appropriate button to begin delivering Interpreter directly to your Kindle. This link is also available from the “Kindle” icon in the list of “Subscribe to Publications” row of icons at the top of the website.
  3. Kindle Edition e-book ($0.99/each article, easy) – Interpreter is also available from Amazon as a Kindle Edition e-book for each article we publish. This e-book is accessible by clicking the “Kindle” button on the right-hand sidebar of the article you wish to purchase as an e-book. The minimum we are allowed to charge for these e-books is $0.99 each. Similar to Kindle Blogs, once purchased the e-book will be delivered wirelessly to your Kindle device, and you should see it appear on your Kindle bookshelf very quickly. Please note that we will be releasing each issue as a compilation of articles as well, so don’t feel a need to purchase each article individually. We have made the individual articles available via this method, if you prefer it.

We hope that these methods will facilitate your ability to read Interpreter on your Amazon Kindle device. Please let us know if you have any questions or other suggestions for reading Interpreter.

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