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“Witnesses” Movie Trailer and Interview

One of the projects that The Interpreter Foundation has been working on is called, simply, Witnesses. This project includes a full-length dramatic movie, a two-part two-hour documentary, and some short snippets. Taken all together, this has been a massive undertaking, but one that is moving to fruition

Movie Trailer

We have recently begun the publicity campaign for the dramatic movie, which we hope will appear in theatres this summer. If you go to, you can now view the trailer for Witnesses. There is also a button that will allow you to download the official Witnesses movie poster. Please feel free to do so, and to share it on social media.

In addition to our publicity efforts, we are hoping to create a grassroots campaign for this effort. Note on the site that there is also a button marked “Bring Witnesses to Your City.” If you click on it, you will discover that we’re inviting you to help us to get this film onto as many screens in as many places as we can — both along the so-called “Mormon corridor” and, to the extent possible, beyond it. If you sign up, our distribution company (Purdie Distribution) will assist; they are highly experienced in such matters.

Check out the trailer for Witnesses today, and we hope you will consider helping to raise awareness of the movie and to help promote it.

Meridian Magazine Interview

Over the weekend, Meridian Magazine did a livestream interview with the film’s director and the some of the cast of “Witnesses.” In case you missed it, you can watch the trailer + interview at or below.

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