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Witnesses Panel Discussion This Saturday

A special closing panel discussion has been added to the program of the nineteenth annual LDS Film Festival, which is being held throughout this week at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem, Utah (see LDS Film Festival 2020).

The panel begins at 5:00 pm Saturday and will last an hour. It will focus on the Interpreter Foundation’s forthcoming theatrical film, Witnesses, and on some of the supporting materials that will be created in connection with it. Participants on the panel will include Russell M. Richins, the film’s producer, and Mark Goodman, its director and editor. Also on the panel will be Daniel Peterson, the film’s jester. Moreover, a special surprise guest may also appear, if his schedule permits, and we’ll have at least one Important Announcement to make.

Although there is an admission fee for attending the Festival as a whole, admission to this particular panel will be at no charge. Anybody who is interested in attending will certainly be welcome.

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