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Nibley Lectures:
Come, Follow Me Old Testament Lesson 6
“Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord”
Genesis 6–11; Moses 8

During the Winter Semester of 1986 at Brigham Young University, Dr. Hugh W. Nibley, professor emeritus of ancient scriptures, presented a series of 26 lectures to an Honors class on The Pearl of Great Price. This class was videotaped in the Maeser Building and made available by FARMS as both video and audio recordings. The text was then transcribed and included in Ancient Documents and the Pearl of Great Price, published by Deseret Book.

All 26 lectures are available immediately as follows:

This week we have one audio recording relevant to the sixth Come, Follow Me Old Testament lesson on Genesis 6–11 and Moses 8. Where available, we’ve also included links to the video recordings. Over the following weeks, we will post the remaining lectures relevant to the Come, Follow Me lessons that include sections of The Pearl of Great Price.


Lecture 24—The Destruction

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