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Placement of the Witnesses Poster and Trailer

Taken from a note written by the man who is working on distribution for the Foundation’s upcoming release of the theatrical film Witnesses:

Megaplex has given us incredibly prominent placement for the poster and the trailer. It will not only be in front of The Forgotten Carols as the last trailer before the film starts. It will also be in the rotation of their hallway digital posters cases and their hallway digital trailer monitors.

For now, Megaplex Theatres have an exclusive placement for the Witnesses movie trailer and for a first look at the Witnesses publicity poster in their hallways and lobbies. The Forgotten Carols is already running as of this week — along with our trailer and our Witnesses poster.

Here is a complete list of of the Megaplex Theatres in which you can currently see The Forgotten Carols (and, evidently, the Witnesses trailer and poster):

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