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Ancient Temple Worship

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A review by Julie J. Nichols for the Association for Mormon Letters can be read at this link.

Temple on Mount Zion Series 1
Editors: Matthew B. Brown, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Stephen D. Ricks, John S. Thompson
Proceedings of the Expound Symposium, 14 May 2011

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction (Editors)
  2. Symbols and Patterns
    1. Cube, Gate, and Measuring Tools: A Biblical Pattern (Matthew B. Brown)
    2. Noah’s Deluge as Temple Liturgy (L. Michael Morales)
  3. Ritual Actions
    1. “Standing in the Holy Place”: Ancient and Modern Reverberations of an Enigmatic New Testament Prophecy (Jeffrey M. Bradshaw)
    2. Ten Ways to Interpret Ritual Hand Gestures (David M. Calabro)
    3. The Ritual Sacred Embrace and Sacred Handclasp in Ancient Mediterranean Religions (Stephen D. Ricks)
  4. Themes of Ascent
    1. Ascending into the Hill of the Lord (David J. Larsen)
    2. The Sôd of yhwh and the Endowment (William J. Hamblin)
    3. Temples All the Way Down: Some Notes on the Mi‘raj of Muhammad (Daniel C. Peterson)
    4. The Lady at the Horizon: Egyptian Tree-Goddess Iconography and Sacred Trees in Israelite Scripture and Temple Theology (John S. Thompson)
  5. Book of Mormon Insights
    1. Nephite Daykeepers: Ritual Specialists in the Book of Mormon (Mark Alan Wright)
    2. Is Decrypting the Genetic Legacy of America’s Indigenous Populations Key to the Historicity of the Book of Mormon? (Ugo Perego)

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