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Textual and Comparative Explorations in 1 & 2 Enoch

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Ancient Scripture & Texts Series 1
by Samuel Zinner

Table of Contents:

  1. The Parables of Enoch: Reflections on the Nickelsburg-VanderKam 1 Enoch Commentary
  2. Tentative Proposals for Rearranging 1 Enoch 42’s Lines On the Basis of 4 Ezra 5:9-11 and 1 Enoch 39:5
  3. Daniel Boyarin’s Recent Parables of Enoch and Daniel 7 Research and Potential Evidence for Noahic Origins of Danielic/Enochic Ancient/Head of Days and Son of Man
  4. The Ancient/Head of Days and the Son of Man in the Parables of Enoch and Daniel: Untangling Literary Relationships
  5. עתיק ימין and ርእሰ፡ መዋዕል፡ Ancient of Days — Head of Days: Two Synonymous Calendric Phrases in Daniel and 1 Enoch. Philological-Textual Explorations
  6. Challenging the Opinio Communis Herodian Dating of the Parables of Enoch: Reflections on the Contributions of Jonathan A. Goldstein and Ted M. Erho
  7. A Short Note on Ethiopic reʾsa mawāʿel, Head of Days, and Avestan rathwãm asnyanãmca, “Lords of Days”: Some Iranian Influences in the Parables of Enoch
  8. Confirmation of 2 Enoch 1’s “Their Clothes Were Like Foam” in Belgrade National Library Bulgarian MS No. 321: Correcting the Textus Receptus’ “Their Clothing Was Singing Variously” in Light of an Overlooked Parallel in Mandaean Ginza Rabba 6
  9. 1 Enoch 84:1, 3 Parallels in the Book of Wisdom 1 and an Underappreciated Paraphrase of Psalm 139:7, 14-15 in 1 Enoch 84:3: A Short Note
  10. A Short Note on the Book of Wisdom 1:7’s Dependence on the Qedushah of the Parables of Enoch (39:12)
  11. 1 Enoch Allusions and Citations in the Book of Wisdom 1:1-13 with Special Emphasis on 1 Enoch 42’s Mytheme of Hypostatic Wisdom
  12. Supportive Evidence for Zurawski’s Rendering of Wisdom 2:24’s Diabolos as “Adversary”
  13. On Enoch and Sacrifices in Moshe Idel’s Kabbalah in Italy: A Short Note on the Influence of 2 Enoch
  14. An Enochic Beatitude in Zohar I:37b? Apparent Evidence for the Zoharic Circle’s Knowledge of 1 Enoch: A Short Note
  15. A Catena of 2 Enoch Parallels in the Gospel of Thomas Logia 1-18
  16. The Transfer of Enochic Traits to Ezra: An Exploration in Ethiopic and Slavonic Enoch Parallels in the Text of 4 Ezra
  17. Underemphasized Parallels between the Account of Jesus’ Baptism in the Gospel of the Hebrews/Ebionites and the Letter to the Hebrews and an Overlooked Influence from 1 Enoch 96:3: “And a Bright Light Shall Enlighten You, and the Voice of Rest You Shall Hear from Heaven”
  18. The Transfer of Enochic Traits to the Virgin Mary in the Gospels and the Qurʾān
  19. “Zion” and “Jerusalem” as Lady Wisdom in Moses 7 and Nephi’s Tree of Life Vision: Reverberations of Enoch and Asherah in Nineteenth-Century America

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