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Temple Insights

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Temple on Mount Zion Series 2
Editors: William J. Hamblin and David R. Seely
Proceedings of the Matthew B. Brown Memorial Symposium “The Temple on Mount Zion,” 22 September 2012

Table of Contents:

  1. Matthew Roper – “In Memoriam of Matthew B. Brown (1964-2011)”
  2. Matthew B. Brown – “The Handclasp, the Temple, and the King”
  3. David R. and Jo Ann H. Seely – “The Crown of Creation”
  4. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw – “The Ark and the Tent: Temple Symbolism in the Story of Noah”
  5. John Gee – “Edfu and Exodus”
  6. David Calabro – “The Divine Handclasp in the Hebrew Bible and in Ancient Near Eastern Iconography”
  7. Mack C. Stirling – “Job: An LDS Reading”
  8. David J. Larsen – “From Dust to Exalted Crown: Royal and Temple Themes Common to the Psalms and the Dead Sea Scrolls”
  9. Stephen D. Ricks – “Psalm 105: Chiasmus, Credo, Covenant, and Temple″
  10. David E. Bokovoy – “Ancient Temple Imagery in the Sermons of Jacob”
  11. Mark Alan Wright – “Axes Mundi: A Comparative Analysis of Nephite and Mesoamerican Temple and Ritual Complexes”
  12. Richard O. Cowan – “Latter-day Houses of the Lord: Developments in Their Design and Function”
  13. Donald W. Parry – Ancient Sacred Vestments: Scriptural Symbols and Meanings
  14. Lisle G. Brown – “Tamid: Zacharias and the Second Temple”

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