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Reprint Series
Enoch and the Gathering of Zion:
The Witness of Ancient Texts for Modern Scripture

Bradshaw, Jeffrey M. Enoch and the Gathering of Zion: The Witness of Ancient Texts for Modern Scripture. Orem, Springville, and Salt Lake City, UT: The Interpreter Foundation, Book of Mormon Central, and Eborn Books, 2021.

This Interpreter preprint reproduces the first three chapters of Enoch and the Gathering of Zion. The full citation and a link that will take readers to information about purchasing the book is given above. Versions in softcover (black and white or color) and digital (pdf or Kindle Replica) are available now. Check the websites listed at the link above for special offers, including substantial discounts when both Enoch and the Gathering of Zion and its companion volume The First Days and the Last Days are purchased together. The vivid colors in the digital versions of the books and within softcover versions that are available in premium color will enhance your enjoyment of the scores of beautiful images that occur throughout the volumes.

Before presenting the three chapters, we include an excerpt from the Preface below, followed by the title page and Table of Contents for the book as a whole.


To download this preprint in PDF format, click here.


About the Interpreter Foundation Book Chapter Reprint Series

The purpose of this reprint series is to make individual chapters from books published by The Interpreter Foundation more accessible to readers. Chapters from large format books will be made available as pdf files, while chapters from smaller format books will appear within the Interpreter journal, making this content available in a form suitable for many popular digital readers.

Although in some instances the formatting and pagination may have been changed, the content of this chapter, like others in this reprint series, is identical to what appeared in its original book publication. It has not been updated to incorporate research that has appeared subsequently nor to reflect the current practice of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to use the full name of the Church and to avoid terms such as “Mormon” and “LDS.”

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